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eihbank has been operating for almost 50 years in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Since our early days we have assumed the role as a specialised bank for international business with the Islamic Republic of Iran and the world. In that capacity, we are providing a broad range of banking services, for the execution of trade financing which comprises, beside the classical banking instruments, solutions for complex finance packages. This concept, matured over the years, has placed eihbank nationally and internationally as a well recognised finance expert.

Your partner for Iran and the World

eihbank,  headquartered in Hamburg with branches in Tehran and Kish Island, is an efficient and reliable partner for all your foreign trade transactions with Iran and the world. We have set high standards in providing indivdualised services to our customers and business partners.

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The range of banking services extends from trade and project finance, the handling of international documentary credit transactions, confirmation and discounting of letter of credit business to foreign exchange and money market operations: Take advantage of our advice and expertise on international finance!

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Credit Business of eihbank

eihbank is mainly focused on the trade between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Germany and other countries of the European Union. Among other opportunities for cooperation, we offer the following credit facilities and services in the frame of our possibilities:

Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantees
eihbank has played a major role in import and export letter of credit business in the past years and offers to its customers opening of import letters of credit and issuance of guarantees – for example tender bonds, advance payment guarantees and performance bonds – related to export letters of credit.

Confirmation and Forfaiting Business
The traditional financing business is related to letters of credit. In the frame of its legal lending limit, eihbank is able to confirm sight letters of credit and to confirm and discount deferred payment claims under usance letters of credit with a deferred payment period of up to 1080 days. This discounting service is offered to provide liquidity upon negotiation of the L/C documents.

Buyer’s Credit Facilities
In order to give financial assistance to the Iranian economy, eihbank has put in place a specific financial instrument for project financing, based on a trilateral agreement between eihbank as lender, Iranian buyer as borrower and L/C opening bank as guarantor for the repayment of the facility.

The facilities are based on sight letters of credit, which upon negotiation are paid for 15 % by L/C opening bank and for 85 % by financing eihbank. Aggregate financing period consists of pre-delivery time frame of maximum 2 years and 3 years of repayment time frame until full settlement of debt.

Direct Financing Facilities
Subject to proper documentation and to appropriate collateralization, eihbank is in the position to grant direct financing facilities to its customers.
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Tehran / Kish

Dear customers,

We continue to monitor the current developments in the course of the spread of the Coronavirus / COVID-19 very carefully. In a challenging situation like this, we feel more than ever obliged to support the economy in which we operate as your partner in the Iran business.

We would like to continue to offer you excellent service and moreover to guarantee the health and safety of our customers, business partners and employees at all times.

Following the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the local authorities, we have taken precautions and continuously adapted them to continue to provide our customers with the best possible care at all times.

We hope that you will be able to cope with this challenging situation in good health and strengthened.

Sincerely, Europäisch-Iranische Handelsbank AG