Business Forum Iran Europe, Frankfurt

As part of the 18th Euro Finance Week, the Business Forum Iran Europe took place in the Frankfurt Congress Center, with around 200 participants from home and abroad. The main topics were the current situation just before lifting of sanctions and the prospects of the Iran business after sanctions being lifted. The conference with high-profile speakers from business community, politics and banking world was hosted by the Maleki Group.

The effectiveness of lifting of sanctions is expected for Q1 2016. From Iranian side, the western companies and banks have been called to collaborate and to get commercially involved in Iran. Searching for foreign direct investment in order to boost the Iranian economy, the investment potential is EUR 150 billion, 100 billion of which to be invested in the next 2-3 years.

In order to resume financial transactions a normalization of Banking/Clearing correspondent banking relationships and accessibility of all previously sanctioned banks to the SWIFT system have priority. The Iranian banking sector is intensively preparing to reactivate the business with their Western partners according to international standards and regulations.

Iran is and will remain an attractive trading partner and with its infrastructure projects in the fields of industry, mining, petrochemicals, renewable energies, water supply, transportation and urban development offers a variety of business opportunities in both the public and private sectors.